Volunteering Information

Information and Guidelines

I.D. Badge
An Alameda Health System ID badge will only be issued to you once you have completed all of the steps listed in the Volunteer Intake Process section of this website. Always wear your ID badge when you are volunteering at any of the AHS campuses. It is very important that you turn your ID badge in to the Volunteer Office at the end of your time with the volunteer program.

Uniform & Appearance

  • All AHS Volunteers are required to follow the dress code of their specific department.
  • Volunteers in non-patient care areas are expected to wear “business casual” clothing.
  • Volunteers in patient-care departments are required to purchase the specific uniform for that department. Uniform information will be provided at the time of acceptance into a patient-care area after the 100-hour probation period has been completed.
  • Proper hygiene is expected of all AHS Volunteers at all times.
  • The full Volunteer Department dress code will be provided to you when you get your AHS ID badge.


  • Volunteers are a vital part of AHS and we count on you being here when you're scheduled. If you are going to miss your scheduled shift, it is extremely important that you notify the proper people as soon as you know you will be absent. It is also important that you call and alert people if you are going to be tardy, even if it’s just five minutes. If you will need to take extended time off, for a vacation or other reason, please notify the Volunteer Office and your department manager(s) as soon as you know which dates you will be gone.
  • The full attendance policy will be provided to you when you get your AHS ID badge.


  • All volunteers are required to attend a 4-hour New Volunteer Orientation. During the orientation, the Volunteer Program Manager will provide a basic overview of both Hospital and Volunteer Office policies, procedures, and other important information.
  • Initial training will take place during your first volunteer shift, and will cover the basic information needed to work in our non-patient care (customer service and/or clerical) departments. From there, you will receive more detailed training in each department you work in.
  • Training shifts for our patient-care departments will be scheduled by the program leads/supervisors at the time of acceptance into the specific department.

As a volunteer, you are directly responsible to the department to which you have been assigned. We understand that sometimes a change of assignment will be necessary, either for your convenience or to better fit the needs of the hospital. We ask that you please refrain from changing departments unless you have notified the Volunteer Office of your request/circumstances.

We use a two-tier time keeping system for the volunteer program. All volunteers must do the following for each shift worked:

  • Sign in/out on a paper timesheet, which is kept at the facility you volunteer at.
  • Log your shift in our electronic Time Tracker system.

Further instructions and information about the Time Tracker and our time-keeping system will be provided both at the orientation and at the time when you receive your AHS ID badge.


  • Highland Hospital - Volunteers receive free parking in an off-site parking lot, which includes shuttle service to the facility on weekdays from 6am-8pm. Street parking is also available.
  • Fairmont Hospital – Parking permits are available for Volunteers at the Fairmont campus. Street parking is also available.

Please note that the parking lots fill up quickly at all AHS facilities. Please arrive to your scheduled shifts early enough to be able to find parking without being late for your scheduled shift.

For parking information on our other campuses, please ask when you receive your badge.

BART Shuttle

  • Alameda Health System offers shuttles to Highland Hospital and Fairmont Hospital from BART.
  • For Highland Hospital there is a shuttle that runs every 12 minutes between 6am and 8pm from the Lake Merritt BART Station to the facility, which can be boarded on the 8th Street side of the station parking lot.
  • For Fairmont Hospital, the shuttle runs from the Bayfair BART Station, and runs every 20 minutes from 6:30am until 7pm.

Volunteer Meals
Volunteers are eligible to receive one free meal from the Highland Hospital cafeteria on the days that they volunteer.

Termination of Service
The Alameda Health System Volunteer Department retains the right to terminate your volunteer service for any of the following reasons: frequent absenteeism, repeated tardiness, failing to notify supervisors about absences, dress code violations, behavior issues, or failure to comply with any other Alameda Health System and/or Volunteer Services rules and regulations or departmental policies and procedures.
If you wish to stop volunteering with AHS, please notify the Volunteer Department and your department leads/supervisors as soon as possible. Please make arrangements at that time to turn in your badge and uniform.

Further Information
For further information about any of the above topics, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

Contact Us
If you have browsed through all of the different sections of this website and still have questions about the Volunteer Program at Alameda Health System, please email the Volunteer Office.